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Student Assistant needed for Python – Fortran Interoperability

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15.09.2020 - 11:18


The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology is looking for a student assistant to
investigate the interoperability between Python and Fortran.
Two implementations of a kinematic model of isolated shallow cumulus clouds
are available in Python. A Fortran implementation of this physics routine is
also available and used in the NWP configuration of ICON.
In a first step these two approaches shall be further investigated and evaluated
w.r.t. portability across compute systems with a focus on HPC systems like
e.g. Mistral at DKRZ, the required software stack and the easiness of
maintaining the software with further versions of python. Simple test programs
can be used to explore the potential and limits.
In a second step the python implementations of the kinematic model shall be
called from a simple MPI-parallelised Fortran main program and tested against
the Fortran implementation which has to be extracted from the ICON code.
In a third step the python implementations of the kinematic model shall be
called from ICON and compared against its Fortran counterpart in terms of
efficiency and performance.


- Bachelor or master student in Geoscience, Informatics or related
- experienced in Fortran and Python programming
- familiar with the message passing interface (MPI) programming model
- good command of English
If interested, please send your CV together with a motivation letter to Ralf
Müller (ralf.mueller@dkrz.de) or René Redler (rene.redler@mpimet.mpg.de).
Please forward this request to potential candidates.


Herr Rene Redler
Bundesstraße 53
20146 Hamburg

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