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16.04.2018 - 16:52
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We are a young family who's been living in Hamburg since last October and we are looking for a person who could help us improve our German speaking skills. We speak very little German and would love to learn more. It's very simple stuff - just to be able to easily communicate about everyday things. We had a baby a month ago and prior to giving birth I completed an A level at Deutsche Academy,  so I would like to use that base while practicing with you.  My idea is that our lessons are very informal - I do not want to sit down with a book and learn grammar, especially with a newborn baby it wouldn't be possible. I would like you to come over once or twice a week for tea or dinner and speak to us (me and my husband) ONLY in German about our day, about food, about weather etc. Doesn't really matter as long as you push us to speak German only, make your sentences simple and clear and correct us when we make mistakes. 



It would be great if you are open, friendly and enjoy meeting new people. Since our lessons won't be formal, we need you to initiate conversations, be attentive to our mistakes and we need you to "tune in" to our basic level of German. We have a small baby so sometimes I will have to breastfeed, change nappies etc. during our conversations (but we can still talk about all this stuff in German) - so it would be great if you don't mind babies :) 


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