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Native Babysitter for 2y/o in Barmbek Nord

  • Online seit 07.06.2021
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We're looking for an experienced Babysitter with native English skills for our 2 year old daughter.

She grows up bilingual, with her dad (34) talking to her in German and her mum (31) talking to her in English. We're globetrotters and love to travel and get to know other cultures. It is our goal to move to Australia in the near future. Which is why we would love for our daughter to be able to communicate with others when we move there or travel around the world (once possible again).

As English is not my mother tongue, it is important for us that you are preferably a native speaker. Your job would involve to play with our daughter, read books with/to her or go to the playground if the weather allows it. 

The main purpose of this job is not to just babysitting. We'd love you to become a close and long-term member of our little family. So best case would be for you and us to build up a friendship with the benefit of being paid for it :-). Once Corona allows it and our daughter is attached to you, we would also be happy if you could look after her occasionally (maybe once a month) in the evening hours.

Our idea for the next few months is that you look after her once a week (preferably Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) for 2 hours between 3 and 5pm (or 3.30 and 5.30pm). If you like and are available, you're always welcome to stay for a free dinner at 6pm with us.

If this sounds like a job you'd be interested at, we'd be happy to hear from you with a short CV and some information about you.


Best regards



  • Experienced babysitter (toddler age)
  • Native English speaker
  • reliability
  • creativity
  • patience ;) 


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Frau Carolin B.


Frau Carolin B.



22307 Hamburg