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Garten- und Hausarbeiten

Handyman work student, man, woman, or older person, only outside.

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  • Garten- und Hausarbeiten


Handyman work for a student, a man, or a woman, or also an older person. Foreigners are welcome, and I speak/read/write in English.

  Description of work

Regular simple, easy and light work minimal x1 day every week for 1-3 hours each time. The amount of work depending on what needs doing/which season. For only around the outside of house that is in north Hamburg very near an U-Bahn.

The days and times are flexible.

The work to do is:-
All paths, driveway, and terrace to be kept clean and free of leaves, fallen twigs and branches. Plus, clear snow and ice in winter daily from all paths + patio+driveway. Garden house is at end of garden, the inside and outside to be kept tidy and clean. The floor brushed / hoovered especially where all garden tools are kept near the door. All garden tools to be cleaned before putting back.

Plus, there are bottles to be carried (or use a trolley if heavy) regularly to the bottle collection, and also waste paper to the paper collection that is just over the road from my house.

I offer a long term job with regular payment to a bank account ( NO CASH PAYMENTS EVER) The bank transfer will be between the 1st weekend in the following month or up to the second week.

If you reply with only a mobile phone number or E-mail address with no asked for infos, I will not reply to you. I want to know exactly who comes to my house because I have to give you the keys to enter the garden area + Garden house. I rarely come outside of the house due to mobility problems.


Requirement profile

* A student, a man, or a woman, or also an older person. Foreigners are welcome, and I speak/read/write in English. If a student, I will want to see your student pass/enrollment papers.

For all others applying:_ I will need to see proof that you are legally inGermany and have a work allowance.

for all:-

 * Punctual and reliable.

* Practical and are willing to do the work needed to be done.

* Non-smoker

* Own medical insurance.

* German or English language.

* must be fully vaccinated for the Corona virus with the Vaccine Pass.

- without an application with a short Resume´-no reply

-after this an interview appointment will be made when all papers required must be brought/ or sent by E-Mail.

I will want a short, paid test period at first to check if the work is good or not. After that, I would be willing to make a longer agreement.

Amount of work/payment- The amount of work is dependent on the year’s season. It will be at least x1 day a week for about 1-3 hours. In autumn there will be a lot of leaves falling which means more time needed than the rest of the year, and in winter perhaps snow and ice and then that will be daily 1-3 hours work.


Minimum wage 10,00 € tax free per hour. A monthly money transfer to a bank account. There will be no cash payments ever! I pay this money from  “Pflegegeld”, that is because I am 90% handicapped and need care. All the paths/ways/steps must be regularly cleared ( also of ice-snow in winter) all year round  in case of accidents, I may fall if this work is not done. This is called "care money" which is tax free § 37 SGB XI and is not needed to register to the finance office if you already have another mini-job. This work that I am offering is not considered even a job because it is tax free, you will be a “carerand not a worker. I am not an employer either.



Art der Beschäftigung
Nach Vereinbarung
Zeitraum der Beschäftigung
Unbefristet, ab Dienstag, 12 Okt. 2021
Minimum wage 10,00 €- tax free per hour.

Alstertal-North Hamburg-very near U-Bahn
22337 Hamburg, Deutschland
Frau G.K. M-S


Frau G.K. M-S



Alstertal-North Hamburg-very near U-Bahn
22337 Hamburg