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CTO/Senior Engineer for medtech robotic start-up - Ingenieur software & hardware

  • Online seit 06.04.2021
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In Europe, about 20 million people are suffering from structural heart diseases, most of them octogenarians with high operative risk. Since about 15 years, many new catheter-based technologies were developed, now belonging to the standard of care for those high-risk patients.

One of the most crucial issue for the performance of such new treatment options is the echocardiography, which needs a lot of passion and many years of experience of the imaging specialist. But, due to a lack of this expertise in most hospitals, in Europa, only 160 thousand patients become treated by these new techniques.

ROB’E, a young med-tech start-up, founded in Hamburg, is developing a groundbreaking robotic-assisted maneuvering device for echocardiography probes. Thereby, ROB´E will revolutionize cardio-vascular interventions, gaining immense impact in health care enabling more patients around the world to easily access cutting-edge therapies that can restore their cardiac function.


We are looking for an experienced engineer who can deliver solutions for AI-based analysis of live cardiovascular images and transformation into interaction with a robotic hardware. 

The candidate should demonstrate relevant, repeatable, and solution-delivering experience in computer engineering, preferably for embedded systems and robotics. He/she is a thorough, result- oriented and energetic professional who likes to solve challenges together with specialists in other domains. He/she has a growth mindset (self and helping others), is optimistic, and has an intrinsic motivation for what ROB’E is doing. Working location is in Hamburg. 


  • Master degree in either robotic engineering, computer science, computer engineering, electronic engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering or other relevant subjects 
  • Experience in computer hardware and/or software engineering
  • Experience in embedded systems and/or robotics 
  • Experience in hardware-software integration
  • Experience in deep learning / data science development, data annotation/augmentation, testing, and deployment
  • Experience in general image processing, biomedical computer vision algorithm/feature extractor development (DICOM) 
  • Experience in general machine learning / artificial intelligence
  • Fluent German, excellent written and spoken English 


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Raboisen 32
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Herr Dr. med. Jury Schewel




Herr Dr. med. Jury Schewel




Raboisen 32
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