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Analysis of Elemental Distribution in CdSe Nanowires upon Cation-Exchange

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Research Goal

Colloidally grown CdSe nanowires (NWs) may serve as templates for the synthesis of metallic Ag2Se NWs via cation exchange. A detailed knowledge of the exchange kinetics and the spatial distribution of the silver ions is essential when designing opto-electronic devices. Thus, Ag2xCd1-xSe NWs were investigated after sequential exchange steps using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) at the scanning X-ray microscope P06 at DESY. The preliminary visualization of the elemental distribution rendered promising results: for the first time, we could detect all involved ions.

However, a comprehensive analysis comprising a sophisticated fitting procedure is still lacking. Especially the analysis of the silver dopant introduced during the initial exchange steps requires customized algorithms for a quantitative analysis of the chemical processes at the nanoscale.



  • Analysis of pre-existing data with respect to the elemental distribution in Ag2xCd1-xSe NWs upon cation exchange
  • Comparison of different fitting methods and development/ refinement of a Python-based procedure
  • Correlation of the X-ray microscopy data with supplementary data from laboratory-based measurements (SEM, AFM)
  • Participation at synchrotron beamtimes
  • Scientific presentation of the results

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Program: Physics, CiS, Nanoscience

Where: DESY

Remote-office regulations may apply, according to the current COVID-19 situation

Language: German, English

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